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Mentorship Program

2018 MOLN Mentoring Program

The first group of mentors/mentees began in 2016. The second cohort launched in the fall of 2017. The 2018 group will be matched in July and August of this year and launched at the fall conference. We are first recruiting mentees and once we know the needs, locations and desires of the mentee group we will recruit mentors to match these needs. 

To apply to be a mentee in the 2018 cohort, fill out the application form and send it to MOLN at

To apply to be a mentor in the 2018 cohort, fill out the mentor application form and send it to MOLN at Mentors will be matched in July-August.


Goals of the Mentoring program
  • Develop the next generation of Nurse Leaders
  • Facilitate networking and connections among members
  • Provide a mentor for new nurse leaders who would like a mentor
  • Leverage the expertise and experience of the large MOLN membership
  • Support succession planning of leadership roles


Participants and matching

The participants express interest by filling out an online application. The program coordinators match the mentors with several things in mind:

  • Current role or aspiring to leadership;
  • Mentors had some experience that the person doing the matching thought was relevant. Example:  A mentor who currently works in the Twin Cities, may have been matched with someone in an outstate location. The mentor may have had previous experience in a like setting.
  • Type of interest; Advanced education; Role in practice or education, or other stated interests
  • Potential for ease of access. Please note most mentors are from the Twin City metro area.  In some cases matches are made within a larger healthcare organization, in some cases not.


Goal setting

Mutual goals should be set and agreed upon to help the mentor and mentee focus their time together and to help measure success.


Resources to guide the mentoring relationship

Some articles on Mentoring have been provided.  Mentors and mentees are encouraged to read these and could perhaps discuss 1 or more of the articles in one of the mentoring meetings.

The Mentoring Guide was developed by leaders in MOLN in 1996

Program coordinators:

Rebecca McGill – 612-385-4884 cell

Linda Gfrerer-   612-747-3939 cell


Mentoring Guide 

Mentoring:  A Boon to Nurses, the Nursing Profession and Patients too

Changing Tides Improving Outcomes through Mentorship on all levels of Nursing

Successful Goal Setting a Six Step Guide