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Nursing Public Policy Internship



MOLN Nursing Public Policy Internship


The internship is open to MOLN members and non-members, with a special emphasis on nurses enrolled in post-baccalaureate nursing education programs, to take a deep dive into the legislative process, including how to influence policy through grass roots action and how to testify at a public hearing. This two-day event provides hands on experiences including participating in a mock legislative hearing at the state capitol. All of this is presented in a safe and supportive environment with other nurses and students who have similar interests.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Internship is to provide didactic and experiential learning surrounding health care public policy advocacy.



  • Advocacy 101 – understand public policy processes
  • Describe key steps to effect change in the legislative process and to get a bill into law.
  • Describe how to be involved and influence policy at the local and national level.
  • Discuss how to work effectively with legislators and staff to advance policy agendas.
  • Understand policy hearing processes. 


  • Developing take home advocacy skills.
  • Developing and delivering testimony at a mock hearing at the Capitol.
  • Networking with nurses from a variety of clinical and political arenas.
  • Meeting and learning from public policy leaders.


Registration for the two-day internship will open in August 2020. 



For questions: contact MOLN office at or 651-659-1425