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The Moline and Star Awards

The Moline Award

The Moline Award was created to honor individuals who have given above and beyond the average for MOLN and the health care community of Minnesota. This award was established in 1984 in honor of Connie Moline, a leader in nursing and founding member of the first statewide organization of nurse leaders. This award is to provide the opportunity for a member of MOLN to be recognized and rewarded by his/her colleagues for contributing to nursing in Minnesota.It is in recognition of demonstrated commitment, dedication, trust, energy, openness and optimism.  The award states that “a person can make a difference”. The award is not something to consciously work toward attaining, but thanks for what one person’s contribution to the profession of nursing has meant.Nominations are due to the MOLN office on July 1 of every year and are to be postmarked no later than July 1.

Nominate one of your colleagues today! View past Moline Award winners

Download the Moline award nomination packet

Star Award

The Star Award recognizes a special volunteer who exemplifies the philosophy that one person can make a difference.  It recognizes outstanding volunteer effort in support of MOLN at either the state or district level.To be eligible for the award, members must demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Consistent demonstration of time, energy, enthusiasm and commitment to MOLN’s mission.
  • Development/creation of an innovative idea that furthers the mission of MOLN.
  • Outstanding contributions to enhancing the work of the organization or district.

The annual deadline for nominations is July 1. 

Nominate one of your colleagues today! View past Star Award winners

Download the Star award nomination packet


Moline Award Recipients

 Year  Recipients
2015 Jeanne Jacobson
2014 Karen Brill, Marge Page
2009 Cheryl Olson
2008 Shirley Brekken
2004 Margaret Kalina
2003 Christine Milbrath, Peggy Sietsema
2002  Sharon Denning
2000  Maureen Ideker
1995 Sharon Tennis
1994 Adrienne Hitchcock
1991 Annette McBeth, Olive Krahl
1989 Leta Thornton, Kaye Foley
1988 Liz Sether, Mary Balzer
1987 Nancy Higgerson
1986 Barbara Tebbitt
 1985 Connie Moline

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Star Award Recipients

 Year  Recipients
2016 Beverly Christie and Jody Rock
2015 Dale Pfrimmer
2014 Penny Beattie, Judy Pechacek, Elizabeth Sether
2013 Karen MacDonald
2011 Judy Santiago, Michael Skobba
2008 Rochelle Wodarz-Nelson, Sharon Tennis, Peggy Seitsema, Judy Santiago, Sharol Tyra, Patricia Schagel
2007 Gwen Schuller-Bebus, Jane Wasvick, Jacqueline Krech, Susan Loushin
2006 Bev Fritz-Hults
2005 Shirley Brekken, Ann Jones
2004 Nancy Hall, Susan Bowles
2002 Barbara Kurth, Joanne Purrington

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