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2018 Legislative Advocacy Issues
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2018 Legislative Issues MOLN is Supporting  


APRN Technical Bill to Remove Barriers to Practice

MOLN Position:  Support

HF 3367  Zerwas, Murphy, Pierson

SF 2917 Kiffmeyer, Jensen, Wiklund and Benson


This bill, which is being brought forward by the APRN Coalition, allows APRNs to sign necessary forms for the care they have provided, and updates outdated statutes to align with current APRN practice.   APRNs gained authority to work at their full scope of practice in Minnesota in 2015.

Nurse Licensure Compact

MOLN Position:  Support

HF 3848  Schomacker ; Kresha ; Zerwas ; Kiel ; Gruenhagen ; Daniels ; Anderson, P. ; Vogel ; Erickson ; O'Driscoll ; Neu ; Heintzeman ; Lueck ; Munson ; Theis ; Albright ; Quam

SF 3305  Mathews; Benson


This bill seeks to enroll Minnesota in the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact.  There are currently 29 states enrolled in this compact that recognizes the RN license in every state in the compact.  This compact has been compared with a driver’s license which allows a driver to be issued a license in their home state which allows you to drive in other states provided you follow the driving laws in that state.  This will make it easier for interstate practice to occur and for nurses who practice in telehealth settings to be able to practice without holding individual licenses in multiple states.  Patient safety is safeguarded by the compact because nurses working under a compact license cannot practice in another state if there is a restriction on their license from any state.


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact

MOLN Position: Support

HF 3322 Schomaker, Zerwas, Pierson, Moran

SF 2976 Kiffmeyer, Benson, Hayden, Johnson and Wiklund


This bill enrolls Minnesota in a compact with other states to allow for mutual recognition of the APRN license.  To join the compact, each state must regulate the APRN practice consistent with the consensus model from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  Minnesota enacted that model legislation in 2015.  This would make it easier for APRN’s to practice across state lines in a telehealth practice or to practice in areas which require travel across state lines such as a medical transport program.

Voluntary License Fee for Peer Support Grant

MOLN Position: Support

HF 3678 Pugh, E. Murphy, Howe, Clark

No Senate Companion

This bill allows the Board of Nursing to collect a fee of $5 from nurses at the time of licensure to support Peer Support Services for nurses with chemical dependency needs.  This fee is entirely voluntary.