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By becoming a member of MOLN, you take advantage of a variety of resources, including education, networking with other nurse leaders, and furthering your professional development.

Leaders from all facets and levels of nursing have common goals and educational needs. Membership in MOLN is open to all licensed registered nurses in the state of Minnesota who view themselves as leaders, including (but not limited to) registered nurses who are accountable for operational and/or management outcomes in the areas of nursing administration, practice, education, and research, and/or wish to further develop leadership skills through education and mentorship from RNs currently in formal positions of leadership.


NEW MEMBER - Open to first time members.
Dues: $110 for first year only

FULL MEMBER - Open to licensed registered nurses
Dues: $160 per year    Optional Auto Renewal: $140 per year

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Open to individuals who are not registered nurses but who are involved in the leadership success of registered nurses.
Dues: $160 per year

STUDENT MEMBER - Open to students who do not hold a RN license and are enrolled in any accredited program of nursing.  To receive this discounted rate please contact directly. 
Dues: $50 per year

LEGACY MEMBER - Lifetime membership open to nurses 62 years or older who have been a MOLN member for a minimum of five years previously and who seek to plan and provide for the future of MOLN.
Dues: $3,500 one-time fee

RETIRED NURSE MEMBER - Open to any full member who has maintained MOLN membership for a period of five consecutive years and are retired and no longer employed or self-employed. To receive this discounted rate please contact directly. 
Dues: $100 per year